Our Venue

Do I need a ticket to attend the tournament?
When do players start to arrive at the tournament?

Player check-in is on Sunday, April 28th. Players may also be practicing that day prior to the Qualifiers starting on Monday morning, April 29th.

What time do the matches start?
Who may attend the tournament?

Spectators within the Bonita Bay Club and Community and the general public are encouraged to attend.

May I bring my pet to the tournament?
What items are prohibited and may not be brought onto the premises?

Backpacks (Exception: single compartment drawstring bags); Hard coolers or like containers; Sealed packages of any kind; Glass bottles or cans (Exception: reusable water bottles – 24 oz. or less, metal and plastic); Aerosol cans or noise making devices; Alcohol; Video Cameras or recording devices (Exception: Cell phones and SLR cameras with video or recording capabilities); Computers or laptops; Weapons (Regardless of Permit); Flags, banners, or signs; Any materials, items or apparel constituting unauthorized advertising or promotion; Laser pointing devices; Selfie-sticks or other telescopic devices; Any other item deemed dangerous or inappropriate by USTA or Bonita Bay Club personnel or staff, in their sole discretion.

May I buy tickets at the door?
Will food & beverages be available?

Yes, food and beverages will be available for purchase at our Breezeway Cafe adjacent the Championship Court. Credit Cards accepted for payment are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We’ll even be live streaming our Championship Court matches on the TV’s throughout the Breezeway cafe, where you can enjoy the live match action in the shade!

Where may I park? Does it cost anything?
May I bring my own water bottle?

Yes, absolutely! We have water stations available throughout the facilities. When you come in, stop by the Welcome Area to get a map that will include the water stations, bathrooms, and courts.

Will there be shaded areas?
What happens if it rains?

Should matches be delayed due to inclement weather, matches that are not able to be played will be delayed until the inclement weather passes and the courts are again playable, or will be rescheduled to be played on the following day. Ticket refunds will not be given for inclement weather match cancellations.

Am I able to choose my seat ahead of time?