Did You Know

Are there other tournaments like ours? Where are they held? How does our tournament compare to others?

In 2023, there are Four (4) tournaments at the $100,000 level. They are held in Charleston, SC, Landisville, PA, and right here in Bonita Springs, FL. The location of the fourth tournament for 2023 is still being determined, but will take place the week of November 6th. Of course we are biased, but we can share with our members what the USTA (United States Tennis Association) tournament team, the players, and even the officials tell us – that our tournament is at another level and simply put…THE best! We attribute that to our member volunteers and member support. Of course, without the effort and expertise of our sports, spa, fitness, food and beverage, engineering, and even our golf team, this tournament would not be possible. It is very exciting to be a part of this! And the Gala that is held in conjunction with the tournament has raised tremendous awareness and monies, $1M and still going, for the Lee Health Cancer Infusion Center at the new Coconut Point campus.

Who determines which players come to our event?
Why do some players get invited to the Main Draw while others have to play in the qualifiers?

All positions in the tournament are based on player rankings in the ITF (International Tennis Federation) and the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

How do players get to the French Open?
Do players get points for playing in a tournament like this? What are the points used for? How are they awarded?

One of the main reasons players compete in events like the FineMark Women’s Pro Tennis Championship is to earn points to determine their ranking. This in turn, allows them entry into larger tournaments that help their ranking even more, and they have an opportunity to win more prize money.

What do the Champions get paid? Do all the players win something?
How are the initial match pairings determined?

The USTA (United States Tennis Association) tournament supervisor and their assistant compile the draw. They set the seeded players based on rankings, and then the rest of the draw is “pulled” at random.

Why are the doubles matches third set tie breakers and the singles are best of three (3) sets?
How do I get involved? What volunteer committees are there and what are they responsible for?

Our volunteer committees are responsible for a variety of duties and consist of Ball Runners, Welcome Desk, Security and Transportation, Player Services, Housing and Accommodations, Marketing, Program, Sponsorship, Ushers, Gala, Photography, Match Announcers, and general volunteers. For more information on how to get involved, please submit your inquiry using the website contact form.